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Bathroom Tiles Give the Bathroom a Better Look

March 3, 2017

Since the early days of civilization tiles have been part of building and were used by the Egyptians to construct their buildings, roads and other structures. The tiles were made by mixing clay and heating it in ovens. The heat fused the materials to produce more or less the same concrete that we see today. Then the Romans took it a step further and used floor tiles to develop elaborate architectural structures of inspiring magnitude. These tiles were also adapted by the Greeks who created wonderful marble structures as early as the 11th century. In today's world of interior design floor tiles and bathroom tiles are an integral part of bathroom floors. They come in ceramic, porcelain tiles, marble, concrete clay and even terra cota. So which of these bathroom tiles is the best?

This essentially depends on one's preference and there are many types of tiles that one can choose from. This is because of the many types of bathroom tiles that are in the market and the many different varieties and designs. Concrete tiles are common although mostly in previous century homes.

Bathroom tiles have been helpful to many people especially in the bathroom because they protect against slipping and falling. This can be inside the shower room itself or the general vicinity of the bathroom. In past centuries, the floor could just be easily swept using a broom and this was because the flooring was less smooth than it is now. But bathrooms are different now. That is why bathroom tiles are essential.

One of the reasons why we need tiles in the bathroom is for cleanliness. It is important for bathrooms to be extremely clean. This is because concrete floors are harder to clean because of the many places where bacteria can hide. Also, anti-bacteria washing detergents not work necessarily well with concrete floors. So for cleanliness' sake, people prefer to have bathroom tiles installed. They also do a good job in disguising dirt. For instance marble, ceramic or porcelain tiles make it easy hide any uncleanliness on the floor. Visit to get more information about Rain Shower Price and Sanitary Ware Showroom.

Bathroom tiles while being a favorite in many homes, pose some problems nevertheless. One is that they tend to be slippery in nature and therefore someone can easily slip and fall. It is not uncommon now and then to hear or read of cases where people, especially children and senior citizens, have slipped and fallen in their bathrooms. This can be triggered by among other things a simple action as stepping on a bar of soap. For years, many interior bathroom designers have been trying to balance between the visual appeal of their bathrooms and overall safety. In addition to bathroom tiles, there are products such as EasyGrip which aid people in their safety when around marble or ceramic floors.

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