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Solar Energy CAN BE AN Option With the Sun

Source Home Energy System

Solar technology may appear to be a good idea in the sunny regions of the country, however, many of the complicated setups associated with Solar could be frustrating. If you are just getting started off with solar powered energy considerations, a simple is necessary by you, cost-effective system. The SunSource Home Energy System from Lennox offers you just that. The SunSource system includes a high-efficiency air conditioning equipment or heat pump integrated with roof-mounted solar modules (panels). To perform your A/C or heat pump, the machine uses solar technology before it draws electricity from your own power company.

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Electricity unnecessary for heating or cooling could be put toward powering other home electronics. From then on, surplus electricity is fed back again to your utility company, providing you a credit on your own next bill.

Other benefits of the SunSource system include:

Simple installation - As the system is solar-ready, it generally does not require alterations during installation. Though it still requires professional installation, this simpler process makes things faster and cheaper for you personally. Flexibility - The machine enables you to focus on less than one solar module and soon add up to 15 panels. You may get started immediately even though your allowance doesn't enable something powered fully by solar technology. Longevity span - The Dave Lennox Signature Collection condensing units found in the SunSource system carry a restricted warranty for a decade. The solar modules are guaranteed to execute at a minimum of 80 percent for 25 years, and the microinverters are included in a 15-year limited warranty. Microinverter technology - An inverter is what turns the direct current (DC) electricity from the solar power panels into alternating electric current (AC) your house can use. Even though many systems work with a single invertor for all your panels, the SunSource system runs on the microinverter for every individual solar power. This enables for better performance optimization of every panel. Precision monitoring - Making use of your home's broadband Internet, the SunSource system updates you with real-time performance data. You can monitor your system's status, energy production levels and positive environmental impact. If cost concerns are holding you back, bear in mind there are some ways to lessen your expenses.

As the SunSource system is linked to your utility company's grid, you might be qualified to receive government and utility company rebates that decrease your total installation costs.

The condensing units found in the SunSource system are Energy Star-qualified, so they're qualified to receive the federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. Install your solar technology system before Dec. 31, 2016 and you will have the ability to claim a 30 % tax credit on your own costs.

Additionally, there are financing possibilities to break the price into small monthly premiums and then permit the utility savings to offset the payment amount.

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