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5 Expert Tips to Choose the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Home

 Having the perfect style and type of wardrobe is every fashionista’s dream. Most women dream to own wardrobes such as the ones seen on television that have ample space for everything from boots to jackets to those beautiful little black dresses. If you are looking for a wardrobe to keep your clothes organized but not sure how to pick the right one, worry not, for help is at hand. Listed below are a few simple tips that will make it easy to pick the perfect wardrobe for all your girlie stuff or even manly stuff!

  • Style of Wardrobe – It is important to keep the style of the wardrobe in mind before you go shopping for one. A traditional wardrobe is one of the most common choices as it can be moved from one corner to the other corner of the home very easily. They are generally made of different materials in the market like wood, plastic, metals etc. If you are living in rented accommodation, or prefer to keep moving furniture within your own home, then going in for a traditional wardrobe makes the most sense. But, if you are looking for something more modern, you can have your wardrobe customized as per your design, space availability, and style. Unlike traditional wardrobes, modular wardrobes allow you to put your dream vision to fruition.

  • Storage Style – Be sure to note down all your needs and bear them in mind while choosing a wardrobe. For instance, a dress pant and blazer are best hung and will need hanging options. Look for a wardrobe that has plenty of drawers to store your cosmetics and jewelry. Also, count the number of shelves in the wardrobe and assess if they will be enough to store all your clothes. A few extra shelves overhead can come in handy to stack piles of towels and linen. In regards to storage spaces always err on the side of more. Wardrobes usually always expand and don’t shrink as more stuff is brought over time.

  • The depth of Wardrobe – If you wish to stow away a lot of things discretely, choose a wardrobe that has more depth. A deep wardrobe can also be customized to have a number of smaller cabinets that you can use to your benefit. You can also have a built-in hidden storage unit in a deep wardrobe to store valuables.

  • The height of Wardrobe – The height of the wardrobe influences the amount of storage space and the look and feel of the room as well. If you are looking for a wardrobe where you can store anything from jackets to even your accessories in an organized fashion, you could go in for a really tall wardrobe. A wardrobe that lines the wall from the floor to ceiling is a great option. The panels and lofts can also be customized as per your need.

  • Door Style – The style of door can make a world of difference! You can either go in for an open-door wardrobe that is easily accessible or go in for something more conventional with hinged doors that can be easily opened and closed. You could also go in for a wardrobe that has a sliding door as it gives your room a classy look and also requires less space to operate.

These simple tips will help you find an elegant yet utility driven wardrobe for your bedroom!

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